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 August Newsletter 

 St Germans Group Parish PCC:

Permanent members of the PCC The Vicar
Secretary - Rosemary Stevenson
Treasurer - Fiona Liddicoat
Parish Wardens: Brenda Crago and Andrew Pidgen
Church Stewards: Downderry: Steve Liddicoat
Hessenford: Fiona Bristow
Tideford: Brenda Crago
St Germans: Richard Laugharne - also on PCC as Reader
PCC members: Downderry: Tim Pullin, Sue Booth; Cashier; Sue Pidgen
Hessenford: Yvonne Byles, Dawn Couling;
St Germans: June Greaves
Chris Bowditch; Cashier: Peter Daw
Tideford: John Ditchburn, Hugh Parker Cashier: Ron Bradley
Deanery Synod Reps: Rosemary Stevenson, Brenda Crago, Margaret Sylvester-Thorne

A Confounded Box of Whistles

Jonathan Delbridge is performing music from his new album on

12th August at St. Germans Priory at 7.30pm. 

The evening programme will include music ranging from Bach to Fats Waller; all played on what Mozart called the “king of Instruments” and  Jonathan has promised to show us the full range of tonal colours available from the organ.  The tickets are £8.50 to include a glass of wine or soft drink.  Proceeds shared between St Germans Group Parish, The priory Trust and production costs.                                                                           

Messy Church in St Germans

- in partnership with the Methodist Church

The next  meeting of Messy Church will be on 21st September at 4pm in St Germans Methodist Church. .  All children with their accompanying adult  are very welcome - and help on the day from our parishioners very welcome too!



Messy Church...

  • is a way of being church for families involving fun
  • is a church, not a craft club, that helps people encounter Jesus as Lord and Saviour
  • is found across the world
  • values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration

Please contact Evelyn Reed (01503 230449) for more information,  and also if you are able to help.............

Michael's Message

Our two dogs Ruby and Jess are with me in the office as I write this.  They are curled up against the cold radiator trying to stay cool whilst the sun beats down outside.  There is an old saying which goes “you can’t have too much of a good thing”. I do wonder if that is true with all the July sun and heat we are experiencing.  These days I am very grateful for my rather battered straw hat which protects my bald patch. 

Many things can affect us, not just the physical but also memories and stories from the past.  At the start of the month of August our minds are being encouraged to reflect on the conflict known as World War 1.  What started with a hope of a quick finish ended up in the devastating loss of millions of lives.  We hear stories of valour and suffering, misguided leadership and the seeming disregard for the individual or even human life itself.  Soldiers were literally cannon fodder. It was unusual for soldiers to return unscathed and even rarer for a village or town not to lose anyone, although there are a few villages that were fortunate.  Although we cannot change history we can learn from it.  These days whilst conflicts still continue and the horrors of war still abound people now peak out and many of those responsible for the horrors are called to judgement.  Unfortunately, such is the state of man that war seems ever present driven as it is by greed, ambition, pride and at times a misplaced national identity. 

All this gives a veneer of validity to those you say 'how can there be a God?'  If God does exist then surely things should be better - unless God is uncaring.  Surely God could stop this?  There is a gospel story about a woman whom the people wanted to stone to death because she had offended the righteous minds of the population.  Jesus challenges those who were outraged by asking which of them had lived a totally blameless life.  None could answer 'yes'.  I would suggest that we, like them, also would be unable to say 'yes' to that question.  If we wish for God to interact and stop the wrong, we would cease to be human, made instead mere puppets of God’s whim.  God has made us aware, and given us choices; it is up to us, with the help of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, to discern the truth and act in generosity and love.

We are marking within the parishes the outbreak of the First World War on 4th August.  There will be services in Hessenford at 11am, Downderry at 3pm, and St. Germans at 7pm.  These will be reflective times using hymns, prayers readings and poetry of the time.  You will be most welcome to join us.





Saturday 16th August   10.30-12.30am  at St Nicholas Nicolas Church Downderry.

Come and buy the food, gifts and plants that our talented congregation have made and grown - or just join us for coffee and a chat......                                                      

The scheme started in the parish at the beginning of March in aid of  parish funds. 

Concerts and events at St Germans Priory Church

Concert Jonathan Delbridge                

Christmas Market -  21st, 22nd, 23rd November




Summer Fete and Duck Race - 2nd August.    

Christmas Fete - 29th November


St Germans Priory Trust

If you would like to volunteer to help the Project in any way please visit our website at  and let us know your contact details. 

Board of Priory Trustees  
Chair- Martin Edwards
Richard Laugharne, Jo Buchanan
Evelyn Reed, Fiona Bristow, Chris Bowditch, Lorraine Evens



 THE FOOD BANK  - no change to the message - our help is needed. 
You will have read in the press that the need is greater than ever - so please keep the contributions coming in.  

How can you help the Foodbank?   As usual there always some shortages, currently: Fruit Juice (long life), UHT or Dried Milk, Sponge Puddings, Instant Mash Potato and Coffee.

However, money is becoming an increasing issue, and it is becoming a common problem throughout all of Cornwall’s Foodbanks.   All are having to react to an increase in demand; and although food is being donated in increasing volumes covering the demand, the costs related to sustaining larger Foodbanks is becoming a challenge. So, the real requirement now is cash.

If you could help through regular donations we would be extremely grateful. Setting up a Standing Order is ideal, but any donation would be wonderful. We can also take donations CAF and Stewardship schemes.

If you can help please contact the Liskeard & Looe Foodbank.

Tel: 07512 011452. email:

Thank you for your support.

East Wivelshire

The area of the Diocese of Truro area is that of the county of Cornwall including the Isles of Scilly. It was formed on 15 December 1876 from the Archdeaconry of Cornwall in the Diocese of Exeter. It is therefore one of the younger dioceses.
The diocese is divided into two archdeaconries:

Rural deaneries
The names of the older deaneries (before 1875) are based on those of the ancient hundreds though the boundaries do not always correspond. The deaneries created in 1875 in the episcopate of Frederick Temple were Bodmin, Stratton, St Austell, and Carnmarth. These remained unchanged until Carnmarth was divided; later still in the 1980s some alterations of boundaries occurred. Chronological Sequence:
Estwevelsire, 1259; Estwyvelschyre, 1291; Estwevelschire, 1366; Easte, 1672; East, 1847, 1980; East Wivelshire, 1997, 2009.
East Wyvelsire
Parishes Currently in the Deanery of East Wivelshire